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As an academic study “grace” has spawned debate, dissertations, even denominations. We are taught:
* grace is amazing and wonderful!
* God extends His grace toward us in abundance.
* Grace is life-changing.
In this book, Crystal Lutton shows how grace can impact our lives practically by helping us navigate the nitty gritty of family interactions.

Building on the principles she introduced in her book Biblical Parenting,
and using in-depth Bible study coupled with rubber-meets-the-road
experience from her own life raising 5 unique children with her husband
of 16 years, Crystal crafts a solid teaching on grace that blows the lid off the academic box grace has been kept in.

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Grace-Based Living is now available for purchase in both paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.

Pastor Crystal Lutton has worked extensively with children and has seen, firsthand, the phenomenal results of Grace-Based Discipline. This tried-and-true method of raising children can be implemented at any age with success. Based on biblical teachings, GBD is a nurturing, God-centered approach to parenting your child from birth to adulthood.

This carefully researched method of parenting has received results for families and children of all ages, backgrounds, and family structures. Taking the stand that parenting is a covenant and not a burden, GBD insists on the formation of loving bonds of trust and mutual respect that begin at birth and will carry on throughout a lifetime. These bonds help the child to foster good relationships with parents and peers with the added benefit of establishing a sense of self-worth that will be essential to a successful life.

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