10 things I have learned from living with chronic health issues

Photo Credit: Padurariu Alexandru

I have shared some of my struggles over the years, but not all of them because of the very thing I’m calling out here and now . . . when I talk about chronic health issues there is always at least one person who feels the need to tell me that if I just had enough faith I could be well.  I’m sure they think they are helping me, but they aren’t.  Why not? Because I have amazing faith and I also know that faith is not magic – it’s trust.  I can’t muster “enough faith” to move God’s hand. God moves His hand when He wants to move His hand!  Not a moment before – not a moment later!

If you’ve dealt with chronic health issues – or you’re currently dealing with them – you know exactly what I mean.  I want to give you a big hug just because I know how that feels!

This list is for you – believe it!  Remember it! And feel free to share it with anyone who needs the encouragement or anyone who needs to learn this so they can stop blaming people for being sick as though it’s their fault God hasn’t already healed them.

Without further ado, here they are, 10 things I have learned from living with chronic health issues:

  1. I am not sick because of a lack of faith – that is a lie from the Enemy!
  2. Every strength we have been given is balanced by a weakness – focus on the strength and learn from the weakness.
  3. Take ownership . . . if I feel unwell then I tell those around me that I am feeling unwell and assure them that if I seem distracted or grumpy it is not them – it goes a long way to help them understand and not jump to conclusions.
  4. The choice to smile isn’t about being happy, it’s about choosing happiness – and it really does change my mood.
  5. Every time I have the choice to experience and express joy, I make that choice!
  6. God’s Church is a Body which means someone somewhere is hurting like that part of my body is – I’m learning how to nurture and help them heal when I learn how to nurture and help my own body.
  7. Taking care of myself isn’t selfish – my body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit and God has only given me one to dwell in so I want to keep it clean and holy.
  8. Know when to say ‘no.’ I can’t be everywhere, doing everything, for everyone, even if I were the healthiest person alive! I’m learning from Jesus’ choices to go away by Himself for prayer and rest.
  9. Observe Sabbath – all bodies need rest; bodies with chronic health issues need more rest. God knows what He’s talking about and it made the Top Ten – observing Sabbath is, among other things, an important reminder that God is capable of keeping it all going without me.
  10. Living with health issues every day has given God even more opportunities to show Himself in my life in personal, intimate and healing ways – my faith is STRONGER because of health struggles.

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