A dance mom’s gotta do what a dance mom’s gotta do

Anyone who knows me knows how proud I am of my children. They’ve been subjected to the random dance videos and the recital recordings.  They’ve been invited to the shows my children do all around town and told about the times they were the kickoff performers for the Fiesta Bowl Parade, danced in the Disney parade, all the times they performed at Disneyland, early morning TV spots, etc., etc.

And they know about all the times I’m off working football or hockey games, or NASCAR weekends, or even Super Bowl on Central, with the Booster Club.  The more my children get involved in competition dance, the more it costs and the more I have to find ways to pay for it.    I’m really grateful for all the opportunities I have to earn money for their dance.

At our first competition this year – Dupree Dance Convention – my daughter was awarded an All Star Scholarship!  This means she was chosen to attend their 3 Day Intensive in Chicago and will be on their All Star Dance Team that is performing for everyone there.  It’s an amazing opportunity to work with the professional dancers and choreographers who are part of the Dupree team and all we have to do is get her there.

That “get her there” is why I have relaunched my Adorned By Crystal Etsy store!

Adorned By Crystal is now carrying Cool People Ponchos, Scrumptious Scarves, and, being added as I finish them, original beaded jewelry.  I’m going to embed a storefront here on the site and wanted to make sure everyone knows why it’s there.

All of the profit from the Etsy store will be going towards the goal we have set on our Go Fund Me account “Dancer To Chicago!”.  If you would like to be a patron of the arts, please consider supporting my daughter in this.

My children who dance want to dance for life. It is the careers they are working towards and it is the gift that God has put into them.  I am grateful that they found their passion so early in life and it’s a privilege to support and guide them in their efforts.  I’d love to have you on my team!

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